Amélie Knits — Logo Design & Styling
Girls Club! — Typeface Design
Emily Glen Jewellery — Logo & typeface Design
Geo. — Branding, Clothing Design & construction
Smoothiface — Logo & Label Design
Infect — Typeface Design
Infect is a display typeface that explores the contributing factors of pollution in Westmere and Herne Bay. Fluid, organic shapes morph in to bacterial silhouettes to convey the actions being taken by Auckland Council to control and fix the issue.
HARDCOPY — Conceptual Design
The mystery, meaning and intangible nature of dreams has always intrigued me. It is often discussed that dreams originate from areas of the unconscious. Dream interpretation can pull meaning from dreams, by searching for an underlying message through symbolism and semiotics. HARDCOPY is a series of images that explore dream meaning, in an attempt to make each dream tangible.